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The versatility of walking makes it an ideal pursuit for seniors. Whether walking solo or helping to push a grandchild in a stroller, seniors can tailor a walking routine to lifestyle preferences and physical ability. 

Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

1. Walking fits easily into your daily routine

Walking is one of the simplest exercises to incorporate into a daily schedule, even for busy seniors who may have little time. And the places to walk are as varied as the people walking. The beach, the woods, a mall, a high school track—all perfect settings for walking. Even 10 minutes each day can be beneficial.

2. Little to no equipment or training

Unlike gym memberships, organized sports or club classes, walking is free! Walking requires little more than the will to move, and sturdy support shoes designed for comfort and safety. This makes walking for older adults a highly accessible activity, even for those with limited resources.

3. Walking is low-impact and very effective

Walking briskly can help seniors maintain leg muscle strength. This is particularly important for seniors because age slowly steals strength, leading to slower walking and instability. Unfortunately, as seniors lose muscle mass, they walk less, leading to an even more sedentary lifestyle.

4. Walking is great for improving mental and physical health

Going for a walk can ease more than a stiff back or neck. Walking can clear the mind, and more importantly, help lower the risk of depression. According to the American Psychological Association, 18% of adults who found time to walk just 75 minutes per week lowered their risk of depression.

5. The path to better health starts with walking

The benefits of walking 30 minutes each day have been proven. Walking not only leads to better heart health; a brisk stroll can also help decrease the risk of stroke by 35% and diabetes by nearly half. For seniors with circulatory problems or peripheral arterial disease (PAD), walking is one of the primary preventions along with elevating legs and drinking plenty of fluids.

6. Walking is great for your social life

Walking with a partner or with a group offers an ideal time to walk and talk and visit. For seniors who may live alone or lack organized social activities, walking requires little formality or planning. A last-minute invitation to get out of the house or a regularly scheduled walking time both have the same positive benefits.

Get inspired to walk more

With aging comes a shift in confidence, especially when health becomes a priority. Walking for older adults may present a challenge due to fear of the unknown, strength or stamina limitations, and environmental barriers.


Even beginners can overcome any perceived obstacles and create a walking routine that brings better health and pleasure.

  • If concerned about walking alone, find a friend or neighbor who would like to walk. Even if it’s just 20-30 minutes around a neighborhood or city block, a short walk together can uplift confidence and outlook.
  • If where you live isn’t conducive to walking, explore nearby options. Is there a community park? Do you have a friend in a better neighborhood?
  • If you’re recovering from illness or injury, walking can be a great way to rebuild your strength and stamina. Remember that even a short walk 2 or 3 days each week is valuable.


Developing new habits can feel challenging at first. You can find inspiration and ideas with CenterWell’s “Making a Healthy Change” to help you get started.


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