Hospital Care Coordination

Guiding, Managing and Integrating Your Care

We know that confusion or fear can sometimes accompany a new diagnosis, treatment or hospitalization. As with all of CenterWell’s services, our Hospital Care Coordination program ensures a patient-centered approach to your health. In the event of a hospitalization, your care team is here to help organize and integrate delivery of multi-faceted care plans.

Helping You Focus on Your Recovery

When the need arises, count on CenterWell to help communicate your needs to hospital staff. We carefully coordinate and monitor your care so you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery. With thoughtful care coordination, we support you throughout the process and help transition you to your next stage of recovery. 


Our Hospital Care Coordination service includes:


  • Assistance in organizing and managing effective transitions of care
  • Personalized care coordination designed to support the whole patient
  • A care team that helps ensure smooth referrals and follow-up visits
  • Care coordination services tailored to each patient’s medical needs

Hands-On, Hassle-Free Care Coordination

CenterWell’s personalized Hospital Care Coordination service helps patients interpret hospital findings and understand follow-up treatment plans. We provide assistance in managing your care through hospitals, skilled nursing, rehabilitation facilities and at home. We work closely with medical staff, case managers, social workers, family and other caregivers to ensure you experience an effective and comfortable recovery. 


To learn more about our Hospital Care Coordination program, contact a member of your care team or explore our other patient services.

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