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Feel confident about your healthcare. It’s about time.

At CenterWell Senior Primary Care, we believe in time well spent. Here, you’ll have 50%* more time with your doctor rather than in the waiting room. Our senior primary care is designed to help you feel confident about your health, today and tomorrow.

At your service

Comprehensive primary care services

As you get older, your health needs change. Our primary care experts offer services that are tailored to match your unique health needs.

Our care

More one-on-one time with your doctor. It's about time.

You’ll find doctors, care coaches, behavioral health specialists and pharmacists who give you the time you need to feel confident about your care.

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Making the most of your doctor visit

In-person appointments

Our goal at CenterWell is to provide you with the care you deserve at every visit.

Make your time count by considering the following: 


  • Before your appointment, take a few minutes to think about important health questions or concerns you may have. 
  • For your initial visit, bring a companion and plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. 
  • Bring your current insurance card, a valid photo ID and all medications, including any non-prescription drugs. 
  • Be sure to provide any past health records you may have from previous primary care doctors and other providers.
You belong at CenterWell

Need more information? Let us help.

Our compassionate care team is always here, engaged and ready to help answer any questions.  That's how we deliver senior-focused care.