Sonali Kumar, M.D.


University of Gujarat

Languages spoken

English, Gujarati, Hindi


Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Board certifications


Dr. Sonali Kumar is a board-certified physician with over 15 years of experience specializing in Internal Medicine. Dr. Kumar earned her Doctorate degree from the University of Gujarat in India and completed her residency at Brookdale Hospital in New York. Dr. Kumar believes that as patient get older, they need a comprehensive senior-centered healthcare model like the one offered at CenterWell, that truly understands and meets their specific needs. Dr. Kumar enjoys coming into the center each day and taking the time to follow up with her patients while ing to their concerns, so that she can better develop an individualized treatment plan that targets their health needs and goals. She ensures patient satisfaction by developing a positive patient-physician relationship and fostering constant communication, so that her patients can feel heard and happy each time they visit her for an appointment. When she’s not at the office, Kumar enjoys listening to music, traveling and watching TV.

Provider numbers for agent use

  • Aetna: 7738667
  • CarePlus: 1108325
  • Cigna: QMP000004562689
  • Florida Blue: 52283D
  • Freedom: P105242Z
  • Humana: 134496
  • Optimum: P201582Z
  • Simply: 01331782
  • Wellcare: 291812

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