Senior woman speaking with receptionist at doctor's office in front of CenterWell logo

Care designed with seniors in mind

At the heart of CenterWell is a holistic model of care that puts patients at the center of all we do. Our mission is to create a warm, welcoming community where all patients feel heard and get the services they deserve. From physical to social to emotional wellness, that’s how we deliver senior-focused care.

At your service

What we offer

CenterWell takes primary care to a new level through a holistic approach to senior care. We address all aspects of your health and provide services tailored to your unique needs.

Our care

Surround yourself with CenterWell

At CenterWell Senior Primary Care, we believe every patient who walks through our doors can flourish and take an active role in their health and wellbeing. It’s this depth of compassion that allows our trusted team of health professionals to provide holistic care that addresses each patient’s unique needs. We deliver much more than advanced medicine—we deliver care that is profoundly human and deeply engaged in our patients’ lives. Welcome to CenterWell.

Elderly man carrying his grandchild on his shoulders in front of the CenterWell logo
Making the most of your doctor visit

In-person appointments

Our goal at CenterWell is to provide you with the care you deserve at every visit. Make your time count by considering the following: 


  • Before your appointment, take a few minutes to think about important health questions or concerns you may have. 
  • For your initial visit, bring a companion and plan to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. 
  • Bring your current insurance card, a valid photo ID and all medications, including any non-prescription drugs. 
  • Be sure to provide any past health records you may have from previous primary care doctors and other providers.
Usted pertenece a CenterWell

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Anteriormente conocido como Partners in Primary Care y Family Physician Group, nuestro nuevo nombre CenterWell refleja nuestra pasión por mejorar la vida de las personas mayores. Nuestro equipo está disponible y listo para responder toda pregunta que pueda tener.