Online safety for seniors

Know about hacking

Hacking happens when anyone tries to steal valuable information online. It may be your identity or personal data or money.


Hackers may pose as someone you know like your bank, a grandchild or the IRS and use sophisticated schemes to gain your trust. Using emails, phone calls or texts, a hacker may convince you to share information.


Medicare beneficiaries are also targets for COVID-19 vaccine scams. A hacker may contact a senior via email, phone or in person and ask for personal or medical information to enroll a senior in a fraudulent vaccine trial.


By following a few best practices, you can learn to protect yourself and your family. Even if you’ve been a victim of hacking, you can still learn more and feel confident about being online.

Have you been hacked?

If you think you’ve been a victim of hacking, be sure to share your worries with a loved one or someone from your CenterWell care team.

Update security features

Outdated or overused passwords are more vulnerable to hacking. Check security features, change passwords regularly, and use 2-factor authentication when you can to increase safety.

Watch personal data

Trust your personal data like social security number and birthdate with only your closest family members.

Pause before clicking

Pop-ups, ads and attachments can appear suddenly. Pause before responding to offers or subtle threats.

Share your feelings

If you’ve been a victim, it’s common to feel shame or fear. Talk to your family or CenterWell care team about concerns.

Shut off the devices

It’s OK to be frustrated by technology. When you start feeling overwhelmed, take a break, turn off your device, and come back when you have more time and energy, or when you have a friend or caregiver to help.

Finding help

National Council on Aging

Read articles about online safety and aging well.

Federal Trade Commission

Report fraud and scams to the Federal government.

Explore Adult Protective Services

Call Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116 or visit online.