Alexandria Chukes, Nurse Practitoner


Queens University, Duke University

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Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and Cardiology Specialist

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After graduating cum laude with a BSN from Queens University of Charlotte in 2012, Alexandria worked as both a staff and travel nurse in multiple facilities and cities around the country. In 2018, Alexandria Chukes got her MSN from Duke University in the field of primary care adult-gerontology nurse practice with a cardiology specialty. While in graduate school, she acquired clinical hours through rotations in primary care, urgent care, and cardiology in a variety of clinical settings throughout North Carolina. Before joining our clinic in Gastonia, Alexandria worked as a cardiology nurse practitioner within the Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System in Biloxi, MS. Prior to this, she worked in both primary care and cardiology in Battle Creek, MI at the Battle Creek VAMC. Alexandria says she entered healthcare to advocate for underrepresented populations, address healthcare disparities, and work towards closing the gaps. “What I enjoy most about working as a nurse practitioner is the relationship I build with my patients — especially the authentic and real conversations I have with them,” she says. She ensures patient satisfaction by following through with commitments she has made to her patients, from a callback to placing a referral Alexandria believes in keeping patients involved in their care through continuous and open communication and makes herself available to them via phone and messaging. According to Alexandria, the “right relationship” with patients is defined as one of open and continuous communication, trust, and transparency. At the end of each appointment, Alexandria asks her patients “Is there anything else you feel like you need from this appointment.” Efforts will be made on her end to assure each patient has his/her needs met and if times does not allow it, if it can be addressed at a subsequent appointment. When asked to note something unique about herself, she says “It’s a toss-up between being able to sing the alphabet backwards and having a laugh that travels for miles.” In addition to enjoying a good laugh, Alex’s interests include karaoke-style singing, collecting elephant figurines, and watching cooking shows…however she doesn’t like to cook!

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