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Choosing primary care is important, especially as a senior. At CenterWell you’ll find doctors who care enough to spend more time with you and listen. We encourage you to get in touch and learn more about us.  


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Frequently asked questions

CenterWell is a senior-focused primary care practice. We understand that seniors have specific challenges and their healthcare needs become more unique with age. 


As a healthcare partner, our patients can expect to spend 50%* more one-on-one time with our doctors and leaving with questions answered.


Our care team has decades of experience in both the treatment and management of most chronic and acute-care conditions. As a partner in your health, we provide health education and well-being services to help both our patients and our community members improve their health.


*Comparison based on a study by American Public Health Association published in January 2021 that average primary care exam was 18 minutes.

Our staff will be happy to help you and your family establish your relationship with a CenterWell physician. Give us a call or visit any of our CenterWell offices to receive a New Patient Information Packet which you can complete at home and bring with you to your first appointment.


To help with your transition, if your medical records are currently with another physician, we will need you to sign a Medical Records Release form that gives us permission to request your records be sent directly to your new CenterWell physician. Questions about any of the forms? We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have or visit your nearest center.

As an informed consumer it is vital that you understand exactly what your health care insurance policy covers – and what required co-pays and deductibles you may be responsible for.


Not all health plans offer the same benefits. Providing quality care is our primary concern, and our goal is to provide that care within your insurance contract guidelines. However, since those guidelines differ substantially from one policy to another, we must rely on you to know what your plan covers.

Your insurance card contains a great amount of essential information needed for billing purposes. Once we capture this data in our system, we will want to review your insurance card in subsequent visits to ensure that our records are current and there have been no changes to your insurance plan. This step prevents confusion and limits the likelihood of us billing you personally due to incorrect insurance information. 


Note: When your insurance coverage changes, always be sure to notify your CenterWell medical office.

We strive to make accessing medical care easy. Contact your CenterWell office by phone to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments are usually available in the event of an urgent need; please help us to serve others by requesting same day service only when you really need it.


In addition, each CenterWell medical office has a Nurse Practitioner on duty to assist with managing your care between physician visits.


Please call in advance to schedule lab appointments; this will help avoid long waits.

For non-emergency medical needs after-hours or on weekends/holidays, please call your usual CenterWell office number. Our 24-hour answering service will relay your message to the doctor on call. The physician returning your call will be from one of our medical offices. Visit our market pages for a list of our CenterWell office phone numbers.

We want the time with your doctor to be well spent. To best achieve this, please be sure to arrive 20 minutes early to your initial appointment to complete your patient registration forms and bring the following items:


  1. Your current insurance card and a valid photo ID.
  2. All your medication bottles, including non-prescription medicines. It’s very important that your health care team gets a full understanding of the prescription and non-prescription medicines you currently take. This ensures that your doctor does not prescribe a new medication that could have a negative interaction with other medications you already take.
  3. Please be ready to provide a thorough description of any health problem you’ve been having, and how it affects you.
  4. Any questions you may have for our team.
  5. Bringing a companion is helpful if you have limited hearing, vision or other special needs; they can also help with understanding and remembering the doctor’s instructions.
  6. Please fill out the new patient paperwork found here in order to save time when you arrive.

Like most medical practices, we require that you pay your co-pay at the time of your appointment. Medical practices have contracted agreements with insurance companies to submit claims on the patient’s behalf with the exception of co-pays which are the patient’s direct responsibility. 

Please check each clinic page for the Medicare plans accepted. To learn more about Medicare, here’s a series of videos to help you understand the different parts.


Understanding Medicare

Call any of our offices, and one of our staff members will be happy to answer your questions or send you further information. Visit our market pages for a list of our CenterWell office phone numbers.

Call immediately to reschedule if you are unable to make your appointment. This way we can ensure you stay on track, while also opening the availability to another customer.

It is best to call your CenterWell medical office. They will guide you to answers for your specific questions.

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Understanding Medicare

How to get the most out of your Medicare benefits

Medicare coverage is different for everyone. Discover all you need to know about the latest updates in Medicare, how to enroll, and how you can get the most out of your benefits.

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