Theresa Woodard, M.D.


66 Park Place Drive

Covington, LA 70433


Louisiana State University

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Internal Medicine

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Although Dr. Woodard started out as a Chemical and Biomedical Engineer, she says that her desire to work more closely with people and help them on a more personal basis made her pursue a career in health care. She graduated from Louisiana Health and Science Center of New Orleans as an M.D. and completed her residency at University Medical Center in Lafayette, LA, and for the last 22 years she has been dedicated to her specialty: Internal Medicine. For six years prior to joining the CenterWell in Lafayette, Woodard ran a medical consulting business, TWMed Consulting, and served as a consultant/liaison for the mayors of Brownsville City and Haywood County, TN. Over the years, she has worked in multiple settings, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in positions ranging from active staff to owner to Medical Director in several locations throughout Louisiana, Tennessee and Georgia. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Health Tech Institute of Memphis. As an Internist, Dr. Woodard says that at least half of her clinical patient population has consistently been the elderly or more mature adults, making her well-suited for her role at CenterWell. She believes strongly in healthy living, and in educating patients on their own personal health issues. She told us that the more her patients know, the more they WANT to know and become more proactive in their own health care. “My passion as a patient advocate and educator will be an asset in my new role and hopefully serve my new patients well,” she added. Her strong belief in healthy living is bolstered by having recently overcome her own serious and near-fatal health issues. Woodard told us that the best part about being an M.D. is when a patient has that "aha" moment and realizes something significant regarding their own health journey – and she’s happy to guide them to achieve their vision of improved health. When she is not caring for patients, Dr. Woodard enjoys hiking or long walks outdoors, music, reading and writing. As a writer, she has authored and published several books including guided journals, motivational calendars and books on health and wellness.

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