Gloria Richards, M.D.

CenterWell Adamsville

3571 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. SW.

Atlanta, GA 30331


State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine



Dr. Gloria Richards loves what she does – especially her work with seniors. As an Internal Medicine specialist, helping seniors live their best life is what she enjoys most, and at CenterWell Adamsville, she has ample opportunity to do just that. Dr. Richards has been a Primary Care Physician for the past 28 years in our community, including private practice, government practices, college health services and inpatient medicine. Her philosophy of care is to “try every day to be the type of doctor that I’d want taking care of my own family,” she says. Showing compassion for every patient she sees is the way Dr. Richards ensures patient satisfaction. “I am grateful for every day that God wakes me up to share this wonderful gift for helping others,” she confides. She also believes in personally showing an interest in her patients and letting them know they can call her anytime, especially if they have any concerns before their next scheduled visit. When she is not caring for patients, Dr. Richards is a mother who likes to participate in 5Ks! Knowing she has made a difference in someone’s life is always guaranteed to make her smile. 

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