Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere 

CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere offers house calls and telemedicine calls with licensed, caring providers from the comfort of your own home.

CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere is in network with Original Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans, and any out-of-pocket costs are set by your health plan. Typically, a CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere visit is just the cost of a traditional doctor’s office copay, and many preventive services are even covered by insurance providers at no cost. Certain third-party services, such as lab tests, have additional charges, and will not be performed without your consent.

If you book a telemedicine call and then need a house call, you will be billed for both. Our telemedicine calls are typically just a co-pay with most insurances or Medicare. The doctor can schedule the house call for you during the telemedicine call if needed. 

Our house call and telemedicine services are currently available in Georgia, specifically in Savannah, Columbus and Atlanta, Georgia.

Our providers are comprised of board-certified doctors and licensed nurse practitioners (NPs) and physicians assistants (PAs).  Each provider is carefully vetted, thoroughly credentialed, and specially trained in telemedicine and house call medicine.


All CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere providers can diagnose illnesses, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and serve as a primary care provider.

CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere doctors are available 8AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday with virtual visits available.

To book your visit, download the app, call (844) 644-4325 or submit the online form. To book an appointment for someone other than yourself, please call 844-644-4325.

To schedule a follow-up, book a house call in the app or call (844) 644-4325. 

A care team, including a licensed doctor or nurse practitioner and a certified medical assistant, will arrive at your doorstep at your appointment time. During the initial visit, the care team will help you complete all paperwork before you start your appointment. 


The medical assistant takes vitals and helps with lab tests.

At your appointment, you’ll have standard medical forms you can sign electronically. The forms are also available here Notice of Privacy Practices and Patient Policy & Practices Acknowledgement but they must be digitally signed in the presence of the doctor and medical assistant before the house call can begin.

We recommend several steps to create a safe, clean, quiet environment. Creating a safe environment helps our care team deliver the best care possible without interruptions.


  • Clean a quiet space for the visit, preferably on the first floor of the home
  • Confirm the patient is available during the appointed house call time
  • Gather all current medications and supplements
  • For safety, please secure any pets in a separate area
  • Store or secure any weapons prior to the visit

During a house call, the CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere team is fully equipped to treat any issue typically seen in a typical doctor's office. The provider is there to care for the patient, answer any questions, and diagnose.


The CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere model allows you to spend more time with your doctor, so care is never rushed, and you have the opportunity to get to know the care team.

Adult patients with legal guardians must have those legal guardians physically present and proof of legal guardianship must be established before a house call may begin. If a legal guardian is unable to be physically present at the house call, the legal guardian may provide CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere with prior, written authorization that identifies by name an individual who has the power and authority to consent to the treatment of the minor patient.