Primary care services from your home

CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere brings primary care to your door either virtually or in-person, tailoring care to your location and particular health needs. Save travel time and enjoy the convenience of scheduling checkups, routine vaccinations, diagnostics and more from your location.


This service accepts Original Medicare and most Medicare Advantage plans. Copays are the same as in-office copays. Seeing a primary care provider from the comfort of your own home may be the best choice if you’re:


  • Managing wellness and health goals
  • Searching for more convenient options
  • Facing transportation challenges or prefer to avoid travel time
  • Caregiving for a loved one
  • Lacking mobility

CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere now in Georgia and Louisiana

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Seniors living in Central Florida

If you’re located in Central Florida, find a center near you to learn if primary care home services are available in your area.




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